Nomad Capitalist: One of the best cafes in SE Asia!

[12 Jan / feature]

“The best cafes in SE Asia for high achieving nomads” by Andrew Henderson | Entrepreneur   
We’re have made it on this list!  Thank you Nomad Capitalist for including us.    

Nomad Capitalist always shares the best places to live, start a business, and invest; on their website. Take a peek at what they have to say about us.   

One more thing, another café to visit on your checklist!   
#nomads #thecoffeeacademics #thankyou

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Your Next Extraordinary Event Begins Here.

Exceptional food, specialty coffee and inspiring beverages are just a few benefits of hosting your next event at The Coffee Academics. Beautifully designed and full of character, The Coffee Academïcs serves as a perfect venue for chic entertaining. Your guests will surely enjoy the convenient locations in Causeway Bay and Wanchai, delectably prepared food items and expertly crafted beverages.

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