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Our Roasting Room is nothing of the ordinary, but in fact represents a world class roasting facility housing the renowned Probat Coffee Roaster and some of Hong Kong’s best coffee expertise. We source directly from coffee farmers and plantations to provide customers with coffee beans of the best quality, and then tailor the degree of roasting for each batch of coffee so as to bring out its distinctive character and delicate nuances of flavours.

Coffee Roasting

The well renowned PROBATONE drum roaster works exceptionally and beautifully when being worked by the hands of experienced roast masters. Its special shovel mechanism enables homogeneous mixing of coffee beans, giving every roast a rich aroma and exceptional taste. In addition, modern enhancements such as multiple motors, separated air-flow controls and adjustable gas regulation allow efficient and flexible roasting, thus ensuring optimal performance.


about us > featured rooms

Both outlet’s sleek design, featuring an open floor plan with a friendly BREW BAR and communal marble table thrives with those who want to be seen, while more discerning coffee connoisseurs apt for a little privacy behind the glass doors of Hong Kong’s first and only Cupping Room at the new Johnston Road location.


about us > featured rooms

The innovators behind The Coffee Academïcs create THE CUPPING ROOM located at the new Johnston Road café, Hong Kong’s first and only private setting for professionally inspired coffee cupping. To launch a new standard of excellence in coffee appreciation, Master Baristas and Q Graders will hold private tastings to observe intricacies and aromas of brewed coffee. These exclusive sessions will also allow Q Graders to elaborate on green bean selection process and development of roast profiles that bring out the compelling traits intended by nature and farmers.

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